The Solutions Specialist role is a launchpad for you to be part of this passionate team of B2G salespeople. You will begin your journey by learning more than you might have thought existed about the intricacies of government. Who they are, what they do, how they buy, and why the exist. No politics here. Simply a non for profit business that exists to serve each and every citizen within its jurisdiction. You will support our Solutions Consultants, the ones who demo the platform, generate opportunities and sell all SeamlessGov products. You will be a disruptor. All of our current partners, cities like New York, Denver, Austin, San Diego, Sacramento didn’t know they had a problem until they talked to one of our Specialists. That’s where it all starts. With the Specialists. Once you master the market, the buyer, the product and the pitch, it will be time for a new challenge. This could mean taking on more responsibility in other areas of the company (demand gen, operations, customer success...etc), or even the opportunity to become a Consultant and close deals of your own. Did we mention specialists & consultants have uncapped commissions? Work hard, Pay hard.


SeamlessGov is on a mission to change the way government operates. The team at SeamlessGov doesn’t believe your experience with government should be one you dread. You shouldn’t need to go to city hall from the hours of 9-4, or use a printer, fax machine, scanner, or pen to submit an application or permit. Government employees shouldn’t use filing cabinets or do data entry to manage citizen applications & requests. The journey to fix that experience started by providing local governments, like the town you are from, with a software to create new online forms, applications or permits. It has evolved into an end to end solution that helps governments deliver online services and conduct business electronically. 4 years and over 400 governments later, SeamlessGov is making Government Beautiful. *~*~* BENEFITS * unlimited PTO * health, dental and vision * generous family leave policy PERKS * weekly team lunch * company events / outings twice a month * education reimbursement * gym discounts * and more!


EXPERIENCE Experienced SDRs:

  • 1-2 years of experience Job shifters:
  • 2-3 years of sales/sales adjacent experience


Passion: perseverance, grit Curiosity: part instigator and part detective. Commitment to figure out how to achieve more.

Competitiveness: like to win, but not at the expense of other teammates

Coachability: a passion for learning. Ability to turn weakness into strength.

Intelligence: ability to critically think and break down complex items into simple thoughts.

Resilience: elasticity. The ability to recover quickly.

Mental toughness Storytelling: the ability to keep listeners engaged. knowing one's audience.

Relevant Sales Experience: history doing similar business activities.


Medical Ins.
Dental Ins.
Vision Ins.
Life Ins.