The opportunity to work directly for an experienced real estate and investment entrepreneur (and his family) in a small, nimble, and growing team (currently 3 employees). This individual should be a self-starter who possesses the desire and passion to help ease the principal’s life in all facets. Real Estate Business: Portfolio of multi-family properties in Brooklyn, New York. Principal is responsible for overseeing all functions at firm with a particular emphasis on financial obligations, risk management, and transaction and strategic analysis. Principal’s active and entrepreneurial abilities have allowed him to adapt to market cycles, while always searching for new opportunities to create value and achieve superior risk adjusted returns. He has started and sold two, NYC-based multi-billion dollar RE investment firms.


• Maintaining often complex business and social calendar and arranging transportation between commitments

• Close coordination with lawyers, accountants, financial managers to ensure business objectives are achieved

• Coordinating extensive land and sea, international and domestic, private and commercial travel including accommodations, ground transportation and detailed itineraries and ensuring all up-to-date reservations are posted to calendar

• Maintaining deep rolodex of qualified vendors and sourcing and vetting new vendors, when necessary

• Owning the planning/coordination of family and business events (e.g., dinner parties)

• Working directly with IT support team to ensure resolution of technical issues

• Processing returns, refunds, and disputes and seeing to completion

• Scheduling and overseeing routine maintenance of multiple homes

• Working efficiently and seamlessly with family office, doctors, accountants and lawyers

• Sourcing and coordinating principal’s fitness/nutrition/wellness team and program

• Conducting errands and procuring supplies for office and home as needed

• Remaining on-call evenings and weekends


5+ yrs experience as assistant, must have experience with assistance in both business and personal capacity. Proactive/hungry to help – pw will ask you for many things of which he will expect to be completed, but the things he doesn’t ask that you initiate is really what will make you invaluable. Eg if you see his shoes are dirty or closest is a mess and just do it without even being asked, that will stand out. If he comes home to a nice flower arrangement without anyone asking for it he would love that! Take it personal – fight with united airlines for a $100 refund as if it was your own Flexibility – speaks for itself Street smart – creative solutions to everyday problems, everything is about the deal, we are straight shooters but we are always thinking about the best way to navigate situations/deals/people to get to the desired outcome Egoless – you are a very qualified professional, to be successful in this role it will take having a no task too small mentality. Whether it is ensuring we execute on a strategy that saves a million $ in taxes or ensuring pw’s closet is organized, they are both important and will make pw happy which is really all that matters regardless of stakes. Caring/nurturing – someone who can take care and look after pw and his family Become an expert at outsourcing – you do not need to know how to do everything yourself, you just need to know who can and how it can get done most efficiently Leverage vast Rolodex of vendors/contact – finding good people is KEY Confidence – the point we are striving towards is when pw can ask you something and have enough confidence in your answer that he does not need to check himself. Eg if he asks you for best flight options, he will feel comfortable enough in your ability to find best deal that he won’t need to spend time searching online himself. In meantime I would suggest providing options with all requests to understand how he evaluates things. Confidentiality – you will have access to a lot of sensitive and high stakes info. This is all held in strict confidence and it is our expectation you will protect pw at all costs. Loyalty


Someone who has good background in financial component (almost like a bookkeeper). Comfort with excel and creating reports on financial assets and performance.



TRAVEL: Potentially

VISA: Must be US