We are looking for full-time Membership & Success Associate at the “community above everything” coworking company, Alley. At Alley, the strength of our community is everything.

Alley not only provides the physical foundation for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, but connects them to a full range of potential partners, knowledge, and resources. Sales, for us, is about delivering value to our community, and so we conspire for the success of both our current and potential members of our ever-growing community.

You’ll be responsible for both keeping the Alley space occupied, but also making invaluable connections between current members and the businesses landscape at large, not only helping them exceed their goals through forging partnerships, but ultimately expanding the
Alley Community which will then attract even more members of the startup world.

So ultimately, sales is the vehicle through which we create value for our members!

Traits you should exude:
● Genuine drive to help others succeed
● Warmth
● Graciousness
● Savant-like and demonstrable attention to detail
● Plays well with others
● Drive to exceed expectations NOT at all costs, but mindful of the experience you provide to members and the community
● Exceptional verbal and written communications style, able to adapt to 140 character drop-ins all the way to corporate C-Suite’ers.

● Tracking and reporting on historic, current, and projected occupancy and related revenue
● Building and maintaining a robust database of current member business profiles
● Continuously building relationships with local start-up, innovation, and other business associations that promise to expand the Alley community and member base
● Forging deep relationships with existing members and gaining insights into the short, medium, and long term business goals and needs.
● Taking initiative in helping members meet and exceed business objectives, often creating systems to support or systematize those efforts
● Designing and conducting tours of the Alley space to prospective members, business partners, and the community at large.
● Engaging with prospective members across all touchpoints of pre-membership
● Clearly facilitating handoff and setting-up-for-success of members once contracted

● Proficient in Google Suites for Business
● Excel/spreadsheet experience
● Customer Service / Hospitality Experience (2 years)
● 4 year degree (Bachelors)
● Excellent self management based on organizational goals
● Exceptional presentation development/execution skills
● Excellent project management skills

● Experience with CRM software (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc)
● Basic visual design skills (for promotional material development)
● Basic A/V experience
● Familiarity with local start-up, innovation landscape/community
● Previous experience on metrics driven sales team
● Demonstrable analytical skills
● Real estate experience a plus

● Have you sold encyclopedias door to door?
● Monetized a community?
● Saved the world?

● Join a startup company that is growing quickly and expanding to many new markets (like here!)
● Work with an amazing in-house team while becoming part of a community of thousands of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs
● Alley member benefits like discounts on rental cars, hotels, gym memberships and more
● Health Insurance
● Paid Vacation

Alley (formerly AlleyNYC) is an entrepreneurial hub where teams and individuals can grow their
businesses surrounded by like minded people and work collaboratively in a supportive
environment. Alley is a community with a workspace offering private office space, coworking
desks, virtual memberships, meeting and conference room space, events, and services for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Their goal is to foster a nurturing environment, so
individuals can produce their best work. Whether you’re a journalist, an app developer, a
lawyer, or an up-and-coming fashion designer, Alley’s incredible team and one-of-a-kind
workspace community give you what you need to take your business far. With everything from
dedicated happy hours to strategic introductions to networking events, Alley knows how to
help you take your success to the next level.